Sword – Minecraft Crafting

Sword it’s useful thing. We can use it to beat mobs faster. We can make:

  • wooden Sword
  • stone Sword
  • iron Sword
  • golden Sword
  • diamond Sword
  • netherite Sword

It’s one of the basic items.

Wooden Sword

To make wooden Sword you need:

How to make wooden sword Minecraft

Stone Sword

To make stone Sword you need:

  • Stick (x1)
  • Coblestone (x2)
How to make stone sword Minecraft

Iron Sword

To make iron Sword you need:

How to make iron sword Minecraft

Golden Sword

To make golden Sword you need:

How to make golden sword Minecraft

Diamond Sword

To make diamond Sword you need:

How to make diamond sword Minecraft

Netherite Sword

To make netherite Sword you need:

How to make netherite sword Minecraft

Reparing Sword

If you have 2 worn out Swords, you can repair them. Just combine it in crafting table.

How to repair sword Minecraft
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