How and where to download Minecraft?

Minecraft is a very popular game, available on multiple platforms: computers, consoles, tablets, and even phones. The game was released in 2009 and is still being developed. So where and how to download Minecraft?

Where to download Minecraft Java Edition?

Minecraft comes with different versions. The desktop edition itself comes with two editions and one of them is Minecraft Java Edition, intended for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. This is the most popular version of Minecraft, most often developed by modders. For this version, you can additionally install plugins and mods that further diversify the game.

You must purchase the game in advance to download it. You can buy the game on the official platform at this link.

The game launcher download process is free, but without the original version of the game – it will not be fully downloaded and run.

Once we have purchased the game, it can proceed to the download process. For this purpose, we go to this link. The website should automatically select the correct installation. Click the green download button and select the save location.

After downloading, we will see the installation window of the program, which we install in accordance with the subsequent stages of the installation.

After correct installation, Minecraft is ready to run. At the first launch, we enter your login details that we used to purchase. After logging in, we can start our adventure!

How to download Minecraft – Quick tutorial

  1. Visit and buy Minecraft.
  2. Go to
  3. Download and install the game
  4. Run and log in to the profile where you purchased the game
  5. Enjoy the gameplay!

Downloading Minecraft for Android

  1. Find and enter the Play Store app.
  2. Type “Minecraft” in the search bar and click the first results from the manufacturer Mojang.
  3. Purchase the game.
  4. After purchase, the game will automatically download to your device.
  5. Look for the game in the app list – you can play Minecraft on your phone now!

Downloading Minecraft for iOS

  1. Find and enter the App Store.
  2. Go to the “Search” tab and enter “Minecraft”
  3. Enter the first result from Mojang.
  4. Purchase the game.
  5. After purchase, the game will automatically download to your device.
  6. Look for the game – you can now play Minecraft on your iPhone!

How to download Minecraft on Windows 10?

Windows 10 has its own version of Minecraft. It differs primarily in the game engine on which it was made, and it does not have additional modifications, created by players, only those from the developers. Nevertheless – it is this version of Minecraft that allows you to enjoy the benefits of Ray Tracing, i.e. a better look of the game, as long as your hardware supports it.

To download Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, please go to this link. If you open the link from a computer with Windows 10 – it should move to the Microsoft Store.

After purchase, the game should download automatically. If not – click on the download button on the game page.

Once downloaded, the game will be available to run.

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Is there a fee to download the Minecraft launcher?

No, the game launcher is free to download. However, in order to play Minecraft, you must first purchase it.

How much does Minecraft cost?

The Minecraft game without promotion costs about USD 23 for the computer version and about USD 8 for the mobile version.

Can I play Minecraft on phones?

Yes, the game is available on Android and iOS.


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